Clint Ecker

I grew up in Kansas

I live in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois today.

Since January 2013 I've been working as an engineer at Modest, Inc. in downtown Chicago.

In November 2012 I wrapped up 14 months working as a Senior Engineer for the Obama reelection campaign here in beautiful downtown Chicago.

Prior to that I spent three years working at Ars Technica which is a unit within Condé Nast Publications.

I'm a polyglot programmer and systems architect. My strongest languages would be Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP (in that order). Most of that work has been in or around APIs, identity services, backend apps, and some front-end work with JavaScript.

The types of systems I'm currently interesting in building are large-scale service layers, APIs, and extremely large (and fast!) distributed systems.

Professional Projects

Name Language(s) Purpose More Info
Dashboard Ruby (Rails), CoffeeScript Obama 2012's social network for field organizing #1 #2 #3
Identity Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy) Obama 2012's campaign-wide Single Signon & Identity Provider Project Lead
Narwhal Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy) Obama 2012's campaign API Service layer that powered the campaign's tech infrastructure. Wikipedia, The Atlantic, Ars Technica.
Ars Technica
PHP, JavaScript, Ruby Helped build and maintain the infrastructure that allowed Ars Technica grow to unprecedented traffic levels following their acquisition by Condé Nast in May 2008 #1

Personal Projects

Name Language(s) Purpose More Info
Animated Pizza GIFs Jekyll, Pepperoni A funny little Jekyll blog that curates animated pizza GIF files. "If hypnotic pizza images that celebrate great pizza moments in movies and television, retro animation, and pizza weirdness are your thing, then you need to bookmark this fledgling feed that seems to be adding more GIFs by the hour." - Serious Eats
Python Google Analytics Library Python A well-tested client to the Google Analytics API
Django Chunks Python, Django Django-chunks, probably the simplest and most popular thing I've ever made. "This is extremely similar to an internal app we used to The Lawrence Journal-World, and to one I’ve used on some of my personal projects" - Jeff Croft
Django Google Analytics Python Django A little Django application that helps you with Google Analytics codes.
Crocoduck Ruby A little framework for building Resque jobs that operate on MongoDB documents.
I've also contributed code to Hector (ruby IRC server), Alice (perl web IRC client), Zepto (a minimalist JavaScript library), Picard (a small web framework for Node.JS), and Django (the most popular Python web framework).

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