Man I had to get up early this morning so that me and Jacqui could go down to the Union for an officer meeting for PUMUG. We talked about all of the stuff we’re going to be working on for the next meeting. We also talked about how a new Apple store is going to be opening up at the Keystone at the Crossing mall in Indy.

So that means we’ll be going there for the grand opening next week =-o. We’ll be leaving SUPEREARLY so that we can be one of the first 1000 people in line for a free t-shirt :D. Hopefully that’ll be fun, but Jacqui isn’t too keen on getting up early for anything so I hope she still has fun.

In other news, the projects are starting! Jacqui has a few due in the next few weeks and we’ve been assigned our first EET209 project. Here’s the little pic that came with the design parameters. I think he should’ve left it more ambiguous to weed out a few more losers in the class, but oh well.

Looks fun huh? Its a Digital Thermostat and Zone Heating Controller. I think its pretty easy, I’m already working on it.

One last thing. I’d like to make an entry for the worst website ever (made by CPT students of course): www.cptstudent.com. Warning: Much bitching about CPT classes is ahead ;)