Second day of the Semester

Well my tuesdays are definately going to be my “slow” day ;) I got up at the late hour of 7:30am and got ready. I cooked some bacon and eggs and headed out the door at 9am.

I then spent 20 minutes outside in SUPER DUPER cold weather waiting for the bus that was supposed to come 5 minutes after I got to the bus stop _. Well I was half frozen and one guy thought that smoking inside the bus stop area (its semi-enclosed) would be super cool.

So I didn’t even get to my building until 9:40 or so and I trudged up to 3 flights of stairs in the University building and walked in late… the last person to come in… how embarassing ;)

On the topic of 430. Its become a wank-fest. For some reason or other Mr. Lance Hassan has decided to dumb-down the course. He is now providing easy-A avenues for people who otherwise wouldn’t give a damn about their scholastic future.

  • Problem by Problem run downs on what exactly will be on the Midterms and Test (the class prior).
  • Study guide sheets for each test
  • Prior announcement of the exact date and content of every quiz
  • Test problems that are exactly like ever prior problem we encounter in the class. No abstraction of concepts (ie no real thought involved).
  • A reduction in the number of tests
  • No responsibility for attending class
  • Etc.. Etc…

The list goes on and on. He held a little kindergarten session today asking us what we thought made a “good teacher” and a “bad teacher”. Of course all the suggestions made by the laziest in the course revolved around making their lives easier and less challenging. You’d never hear one of these people say “A good professor provides challenging test with questions previously unheard of in which we use the concepts we learned to solve a new problem.” Nope we hear stuff like “I want to know what exactly will be on a quiz before it happens, and what chapters and lecures they cover.” DUHHHHHRrrrrr I w-w-w-anna p-p-play f-f-f-oooozball!!111

Anyways, after all of that I went to work and got some work done. I had the pleasure of taking a 12 slide powerpoint presentation and converting it into a 36“x44” powerpoint presentation of a single slide and then creating a pdf from it :) (ugh). Anyways I got some work done and then I went off to my final class of the day which was actually a lab.

The lab was pretty cool. I knew just about everyone in there. We basically just went through 6 problems. Putting together and simulating various Amplifer circuits. Tuned amps, inverting amps, non-inv amps. Basically just to get us re-oriented with OrCAD in the new semester. We also had to do some Op-Amp calcs as well with multiple sources and stuff.

Over all I’d say today was good. I sure hope my 430 class doesn’t go totally down the drains and I think our project in 296 will be as awesome as it sounds (A Power Amplifier).