A run down of my summer and fall classes

Summer 2003

COM 250 – Mass Communication And Society**

A survey of the print, broadcast, and film media in their relationship and influence on society. Study topics include: mass communication theories, documentaries, commercialism, news media, media effects and control, feedback, educational broadcasting, and audience analysis.

Humanities/Social Studies Elective #1, This was to fill a requirement but I think its pretty interesting and could be pretty fun

POL 141 – Governments Of The World

An introduction to the politics and government in selected foreign countries. The course presents the tools and background needed to understand contemporary events in the world beyond the United States. Readings and discussions pay special attention to democratization and development.

Something to stimulate the brain I guess :) This is the last of my Humanities/Social Studies Electives

The rest of my time during the summer will be spent working at CERIAS.

Fall 2003

ECET 304 – Introduction to Communication Systems**

The theory and techniques of sending information (voice, music, data, etc.) from one location to another is studied. This includes signal analysis, AM, FM, and PM, modulation techniques, transmitters, receivers, networks, filters, and antennas through the VHF frequency spectrum. In addition, transmission lines, wireless communication, digital communication, and special topics of current interest are introduced. This course also incorporates a student-based communication system design laboratory.

This one really sounds cool. I’ve always been interested in the transmission of data. It looks like this class will be a jumping off point. The wireless stuff (RF, AM, FM) could really come in handy someday. Have I mentioned that I really need a Oscilloscope, Function Generator, and a DC Power Supply? :D

ECET 307 – Analog Network Signal Processing

An advanced course in network analysis that stresses network theorems and solutions of time-domain and frequency-domain problems.

I am really going to have to keep myself on my toes for this class. It uses a lot of the calculus you learn in Calc II (I took 162) doing Parametric equations and stuff. I’ve heard its pretty thick with math, but I will rise to the challenge and conquer it!

ECET 480 – Professional Issues in EET

This course addresses professional ethics, legal issues, professional development, technology transfer, and corporate culture as they relate to graduating EET students. Information relating to personal job and career choices, resumes, and interviewing are included.

This course is a dinky 1 credit hour about ethics and resume building. It’ll be relaxing but a necessary course

ENGL 421 – Technical Writing

Workplace writing in networked environments for technical contexts. Emphasizes context and user analysis, data analysis/display, project planning, document management, usability, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include technical reports, memos, documentation, Web sites.

Required course. It should be ok, at least I’ll be writing about things I’m knowledgable about

PHYS 219 – General Physics II

Electricity, light, and modern physics, primarily for technology students.

Oh my….

Aw heck, I might as well let you in on my final semester of classes

Spring 2004

ECET 357 – Real-time Digital Signal Processing (4cr)

Architecture, instruction set, and hardware and software development tools associated with a fixed point, general purpose DSP VLSI processor are studied. Fundamental principles associated with the processing of discrete time signals are introduced. Common applications such as waveform generation, FIR and IIR digital filtering, and DFT- and FFT-based spectral analysis and filtering are implemented.

_Excellent rubs-hands together _

ECET 359 – PC Interfacing and Applications (4cr)

This course emphasizes add-in hardware for personal computers, including selection, design, and construction of interface cards for PCs. Graphical user interface and driver software are used in developing custom applications.

I like electronics, I like PCs…sounds like a given

ECET 396 – Project Development and Management

This is a structured course in electronic projects, with an emphasis on planning and design alternatives to meet cost, performance, and user-interface goals. A software tool is utilized for project management. Students work in teams to solve problem assignments using guided design techniques. Creativity is stressed, and the different approaches taken by different teams are compared and discussed.

This is a real fun course. You’re assigned groups and giving a project to complete by the end of the semester. I think this year they are creating a robot that senses different shades of black on the floor and makes some sort of decisions based on that. I’ve not really investigated the task they’re pursuing but I’ve heard the term ‘pot-of-gold’ and seen a heck of a lot of those damn greyscale circles taped to lab-floors.