Week 14!

Well week 13 has come to an end! And with that, I no longer have to attend my 7:30 on monday, my 2:30 lab on tuesday and my 2:30 lab on friday for the next 3 weeks.

Wednesday of next week is going to be the last class I have to attend for my MWF 9:30am class too :) Which is probably pretty good since I forgot to set my alarm and slept over again this morning :-/.

Once again I am lucky because there was yet another take home quiz.

I might also mention that I passed my EET 276 final practical with flying colors (Electronics Troubleshooting course) and I also got a perfect score on my EET 257 practical from a week or two ago.

I also was able to get into the 2:30 EET 296 lab and get the suspended supply plugged into my amp and see how well it performed. It did great! probabably delivered a solid 10W to a nice big floor loudspeaker. Speaking of that amp… I hooked up the +-18 and +-28 lines to the +-12 lines of my power supply and attached my mp3 player to the input and an apple pro speaker to the output and its really good! Theres no suspended supply, but I don’t need anywhere near 10W for this application ;)