VoodooPad - Taking Notes

I tried out an app for OS X named VoodooPad made by Flyingmeat Software

It is a shareware note-taking, hypertext-orientated application that aims to make collecting and organizing your thoughts in a manner that is closer to how some people think (non-linear). It costs $10 if you wanna use more than 15 pads at a time.

The app’s main focus are “Pads”, each pad can be linked via a URL which is usually just a word like “Proportional Representation”. These links show up in the document just like an Internet link and let you jump from pad to pad to add, delete, or edit content. Think wiki and you’ll be really close.

I found it extremely natural to take notes here and there and when a subject needed further explaination I would make the word a link (Command+L) and a new pad would appear where I would add some meta information about that topic. I’d then CMD+W that window and be back at my main pad to continue taking notes.

Obviously not everyone will use this app the same and that is the beauty of it. You can organize your notes however you like! :)

My current method is to have seperate files for each class with a daily link, “July 16 2003” that links to that day’s notes. If I have other notes like about the “Final Project” or “Syllabus” I’ll throw those in the “Homepad” as well.

The second part I liked was its ability to easily accept graphics data from other apps, most notably Omnigraffle. I was able to make graphics and other graphical information really quick in OG and cut and paste it effortlessly into VoodooPad

The last point I’ll touch on is VoodooPad’s big list of export options. You can quite literally export to just about any format you could want.

I give this app 5 out of 5 magnetic lobsters :)