Mac World 2004 Today!

In approximately 10 hours the MacWorld San Francisco keynote will be starting. As always the Keynote will be given by Steve Jobs who traditionally talks about all the neat stuff going on with Apple. He’ll comment on stuff that’s been going on in the past year, talk about their plans for the future, introduce new products and product line upgrades as well as tell us about products they’ll be releasing later this year.

Apple will be streaming the keynote live at this address and if you’d rather just follow a text-only stream of the keynote, Justin is going to be at the keynote blogging everything that’s happening for MacZealots.com

I will be probably watching the stream and debating the announcements on #keynote or #macintosh on irc.arstechnica.com and/or the Macintosh Achaia at Ars

Speaking of Ars, they have their very own press correspondant Jade who’ll be doing their own keynote feed to #keynote tomorrow as well as interviewing companies and writing up a big review.

Looks to be an exciting keynote too!