Spring Semester: Week 2

Well the first week of classes has zoomed by! I’ve been pretty busy and even doing homework way in advance so I can get some quality time in on our main client’s webpage.

Between work at CERIAS, the small site, the large site, our own site and classwork I’ve not had very much time to do anything at http://clintology.com except host pictures there :P

I really want to be able to keep an online version of my 396 (robot class) log online. So if I have any free time this week I’m going to try and figure out if that’s feasible.

Speaking of 396, my group met this past saturday and hammered out a lot of important stuff to do with our project. We’ve got a solid timeline, sectioned responsibilities and good game plan of how we want things to happen. As we all know, thats probably not going to pan out the way we’d plan, but I think that at this point we’re probably in the top 1% of groups as far as planning and coordinating is concerned.

One last thing. I’ve been working on this large site project since right before Christmas break. Being on break without my main computer hampered my ability to get anything done with any efficiency.

After working on everything for another two weeks I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel ;) There are little things here and there, but I’m pretty proud of myself. In all reality I’m probably going to deliver a site that most companies and people would deliver in 2-4 months in a little over one month!

If I keep my nose to the grindstone I think I might be able to have nearly everything finished by a Sunday.

Anyways, I really need to get to sleep ;)