Job Interview, Orkut, Mini Pepsi

I had a phone interview with a HR manager from T-Mobile based out of Indianapolis/Cincinatti. We talked about me and the position they have open (RF Engineer), which isn’t quite what the name implies. That’s not a big deal though, the job sounds like its a job and it sounds like its got good potential for promotion and/or getting experience in “da real world.” Their job description is as follows:

In this role, you will be responsible for the overall engineering design and system performance of the assigned PCS market or group of sites. Ensure the system is designed appropriately using solid RF Engineering principles, and perform necessary performance evaluations to ensure maximum optimization of network system.

Design system based on variable inputs to provide maximum coverage, capacity and performance. Microwave avoidance coordination. Use propagation modeling software to aid in system design. Determine site search areas, height, antenna type and power. Drive test system and analyze results. Optimize propagation model by using drive test data. Monitor system performance indicators such as dropped calls, blocked calls, origination failures, handoff features.

Work with performance engineers to determine handoff and other system parameters. File applications with the FCC and FAA. Requirements: Strong interpersonal skills. Good written and verbal skills. Strong computer skills: ability to write custom software programs/macrox in Excel, Visual Basic, MS Access. Able to work flexible hours. Self-motivated and ability to work under pressure. Clean driving record. Engineering Computer Science degree preferred.

So it sounds pretty involved and stuff, but a lot of the job sounds like this: “Mine data, produce trends in data, format and make recommendations for performance engineers, rinse, repeat”

Anyways, he seemed to really like me and he invited me to come down to their Indianapolis office in two weeks for a real face to face interview (scared) so I suppose that’s a good sign :)


Justin invited me to Orkut last night and I’ve been entranced! I’ve been joining all these groups, most notably the Purdue, Ars Technica, PUMUG, PHP, West Lafayette along with some other groups. Its tons of fun finding people you know in real life as well as from blogs you read (Asa and Neil ) are now my official e-buddies even though I’ve never had a live conversation with either of them.

I’ve gotten a lot of people I know to join so that’s fun too {:)}

Mini Pepsi Cans

I went to Wal*Mart the other day to find some iTunes Pepsi bottles and they didn’t have jack. HOWEVER, I did see that they were selling 18 packs of these 8oz pepsi cans. I bought them and they kinda freak me out:

P.S. Jacqui has threatened to shave me in my sleep if I don’t do it myself O_o