My first OS X app that actually does something!

!{margin: 10px;float: right;}http://phaedo.cx/archive/purux.jpg 389×210(purux)! I noticed the other day that Purdue had begun to offer a free little visual basic app that PC users could run and it would pull bandwidth usage data from somewhere and update the desktop app with updated data on how close you were coming to your daily limit of 1GB.

The app also does some other things, like disabling your network interface if you’re in danger of exceeding your limit (like if you want to leave kazaa on overnight you can rest safe “ha” knowing that your interface will shut down before you exceed your limit).

Anyways, I inquired as it whether or not Resnet was planning on making an OS X version. The response I got was less then enthusiastic so I took it upon myself tonight to hack out my own version. I decided against Cocoa/Obj-C because I wanted to have a proof-of-concept done before I went to bed :P

I went with the demo version of RealBasic and after about 3 hours and tooling around I came up with PURU X which stands for Purdue University Resnet Utility for X.

Normally a student goes to a web-page where it lists a table of the amount of bandwidth used in the past 24 hours along with a graph of their usage. The PC app was either scraping that or it was using a secret data source. I opened up Ethereal on my PC and opened up the PURU app and I found out that it was accessing the same server but on a different port. On that port the data was being delivered in a nice structured format that I could easily parse.

So here we stand :) I can easily nab the graph that’s shown on the resnet page and display it in the app as well as check the data every hour and sound alarms when they pass certain thresholds. I think I can even disable the network interface as well.

The only problem is that I don’t have a license for RealBasic so I might have to get Ed to compile it for me ;)