iScrobbler. Audioscrobbler support for iTunes. A query and a notice!

Well I’ve been trying to use Audioscrobbler for a while now by utilizing the iScrobbler plugin for iTunes.

Maybe its just me, but I’ve noticed that this application quits a lot. It is a menu item so I don’t really notice when it disappears, but it does, much like Meteorologist does from time to time. I’ll launch it, use it, and I’ll look up there a few hours later and it has gone AWOL on me. Unlike Meteo, however, when I try to relaunch iScrobbler, it instantly quits again! :P I can fix this by deleting my prefs but then I have to re-enter my account information and that’s a pain. I was about to complain to the fine folks on the Audioscrobbler website when I read this news post on the AS website today:

Submissions from iScrobbler are being discarded at the moment. Although the server will accept your submissions, they are destroyed soon after.

The reason for this is that there is a bug which causes the plugin to submit the same set of songs over and over.. which isn’t good at all.

A fix is in the works, and should be available soon. RJ

Excellent! This answers my question about why my profile said I’d listened to a certain “Early November” song 100 times. Hopefully the prefs issue will have been fixed in the upcoming release as well :P