My Weekend

Well I had a pretty fun weekend :) Friday was my birthday and I had a pretty good school day, which isn’t hard seeing as how it only consists of a single lab and a single class. I was told at the 357 lab we were doing was going to be difficult. Luckily for me I’m already pretty good at this class and that I was sitting next to two pretty sharp guys.

We worked together to solve almost every problem we came across and we got out about an hour early! Later on in the day I attended my ECET 359 lecture (aka the worst lecture ever) and we learned a little about a project we will be turning in before spring break. Its a design project where we design a system that interfaces with VB and produces some user-selectable waveforms such as a square-wave, sine wave, or some totally arbitrary waveform that the user might draw on the screen.

This is a design exercise so all we have to do is design it all out on paper, but none-the-less we have to explain our decisions and justify that the thing would actually work.

That night me, Jacqui, and Will Smith went out to eat for my birthday. We decided to go to a new place down in the Levy called Scotty’s Brewhouse. Its your typical beer/sports/burger/sandwich place but it seemed really neat. If you’ve ever been to the Lafayette Brewing Company, just imagine that but squeezed into about half the space and a lot of flat screen TVs on the walls :)

Today I went to the Long Center downtown to watch Jacqui play violin in the Purdue Symphony Orchestra. I had fun watching them play, as always, but I had to sit through the Symphonic Band first. That normally wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have a soloist (a tuba player) who did two impromptu pieces once his time was up! :)

Did I mention that Jacqui got me the best birthday present ever? She got me this book:

Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here for the Food

If you didn’t know, Alton Brown ROCKS and has his own show (good eats) on FoodTV. Check it out sometime.