Back From Vacation, Leaving Again

Well I’m back from our trip to Disney World. We had a load of fun and enjoyed every minute. I almost wished I could live in Disney World forever (both creepy and understandable at the same time eh?).

I spent the night in my own bed and now I’m leaving for Cincinnati very soon for a very pivotal day in my live (i think). I think that today I might be told whether or not I am getting a job at T-Mobile. I think I’m getting more nervous by the hour, but I gotta keep strong, be confident and act like I’ve already got this thing locked down. In reality I think that they really like me, so I shouldn’t be so worried!

Anyways, very soon Jacqui, Will, and I are all leaving for Cincinnati. They’re going to drop me off at the offices and they’re going to traipse around downtown while I’m occupied.

Oh, here’s a pic from Disney World: