TypeKey is cool (and will probably work)

I had some of the same reservations about TypeKey that a lot of other ‘in-the-know’ webloggers had.

Don’t know what TypeKey is? Well its Six Apart’s system for eliminating comment spam on site’s like mine that use MovableType without resorting to banning a million IP’s or using complicated and cumbersome blacklists. Read more about it


Six Apart posts an in-depth TypeKey FAQ

  • If I get pegged as a “spammer” for the comments on one site will I be banned from all TypeKey Sites? Nope.
  • Do I have to use TypeKey on my site if I want to use MT 3.0? Nope.

One thing I didn’t originally think about was how this method of banning spammers makes any more sense than banning IPs? Getting multiple TypeKey accounts is a bit harder than getting another IP or proxying your web requests. That hasn’t stopped people in the past, there are numerous underground avenues on the internet for obtaining tons and ton of usernames and passwords for porno sites for example. Except in this case a central authority, someone who knows their audience (bloggers) is running the service.

So if I ban a particular TypeKey user from my blog, they’d be banned regardless of their IP or whatever. They’d have to use another TypeKey account which should prove them a bit more difficult. As you might expect this kinda makes it difficult for novice users to overcome the barriers to simply posting a comment on my site. My grandma, for instance, would have to sign up for a TypeKey account just to make a simple post on my site. Fortunately there will be a plethora of options and combinations of using TypeKey.

Edit (3/25/2004): Ed mentioned in the comments something that I had forgotten to write about here that’s still a bit of a problem with TypeKey. That problem would be what would happen if the TypeKey server went down. Would no one be able to comment on any blogs who had TypeKey registration mandatory?