About the iBook Battery

I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not. I got my iBook back to me a week ago Friday but it came back to me with a battery that wasn’t mine! The battery that was in my iBook looked like this:



I called up the Apple rep that had been helping me out with the most recent hard drive failure and told her that I had received the computer but that a strange battery was in it and she informed me that the technicians had decided that my old battery wasn’t performing up to spec and in their rush to get my iBook back to me by the end of the week just decided to give me one of their super cool test batteries.

Well fine, except that this battery didn’t work. AT ALL. So I called up the rep on Tuesday (couldn’t get ahold of her) and Wednesday (got ahold of her) and told her all about it. She dispatched a new battery to me and it arrived on Thursday but because of the PUMUG meeting I couldn’t pick it up until the next day (this past friday).

So now I have a brand new battery (actually lasts about 4-4.5hours) and I’m super happy :)