A few updates

Some exciting things have taken place over the weekend so I’ll just write a little bit about what Jacqui, Will and I did this Saturday.

First and foremost we left West Lafayette bright and early around 9am. We caught some McDonald’s on the way out and ran into fellow Purdue blogger and PUMUG regular Ryan Bonnell. We talked a little bit while we waited for hashbrowns and then set out on our way!

Our main goal for the day was to see a certain apartment we’d had our eye on for a while. At least since around the time that I found out about the possibility of working in Cincinnati. A friend of ours from the Ars forums reccomended to us a certain properties owner and we found this neat place called Groton Lofts

Here’s a neat picture of the building at night:

And the only other picture I could find:

I know we have better, daylight pictures (we actually forgot our camera on this trip). I’ll try to find them and put em up.

There is a restaurant on the first floor called RedFish which seems really cool.

The apartment we went and saw was awesome! The living room is huge and the two bedrooms very very nice too. The whole apartment building is “Turn-of-the-century” and has a lot of really cool architectural stuff. Exposed pipes, vents, etc. The main living area is just a big space with the kitchen in the far, back corner. We liked it so much that we decided to put a deposit down on it right away.

What’s even cooler is that T-Mobile is on their list of prefered employers, so we only had to put down half-deposit on the place. All that’s left is a credit check and we can skip on down and sign the lease and get the keys :D

In other news:

We found the Kitty’s. Our roommate Will is considering snatching her up, but of course he’d have to keep it here illegally :P

Anyways, fun stuff! Jacqui’s parents came down here for Jacqui’s last Symphony Concert today. Had a good time, ate at Outback and talked about a myriad of things about moving into a new place. Also practiced my group’s project presentation after that on campus.

Things are moving really quick now plus we’re both really excited :)