A Couple Days in Vegas

A while back someone from the Ars Technica forums contacted me about an image that was floating around in my photo gallery:

It was an idea I had put together for a possible redesign of this site. It was scrapped but Hal (the guy who contacted me) really liked the illustration of me in that pictures. Unfourtunately I am not gifted enough to create that level of artwork! :) Those illustrations were done by no other than the amazing Aaron Jasinski

I pointed Hal to Aaron and that was that :)

Just today I got an email alert on my cell phone that Hal had emailed me. I checked the email when I got back home and it seems that they’d put together the project already. It seems Hal’s written a screenplay and Aaron has illustrated the characters for the website! They look amazing by the way. I really love Aaron’s illlustration style so you should go check out his artwork and Hal’s script at the new site: