Fahrenheit 9/11

Saw this today with Jacqui. It’s a moving movie which I hope a lot of “average” people will see. By “average” I mean people who don’t watch news, or read thought-provoking forums like Ars Technica’s Soap Box where people debate the issues. Maybe people in America have ill-concieved notions about a lot of important things going on in the world, and I think that this movie, while not a “true” documentary, would at least spark some people to think about issues a bit more critically.

A point to note. We saw this movie in Newport, KY at around 4pm and the place was packed! For a conservative area like the tri-state I half-expected 15 burnt out hippies, a few PETA members, and us to be there on a Saturday afternoon :) Not only was the theater near-sold-out on a Saturday afternoon, the show was ended with a long round of applause by the attendees. Never seen anything like that before!

Like Brian at the Cincinnati Blog I noticed there was a rent-a-cop hanging out in the theatre during the show. He was also waiting at the exit while everyone was on the way out. Seemed very… odd.