Cam Dump!

Its officially July, and that means hot weather, fireworks, and hot weather!

I’ve got a few pics off my phone for everyone. First here’s a self-portrait I took earlier this week while walking home:

And for your geeky perusal, here are some shots of my desk-area:

That’s that! The weekend can’t get here fast enough! Me and Jacqui are heading up to Indianapolis to spend saturday afternoon and evening with about 20 people from the ArsTechnica forums for a cookout of what is sure to be geeky proportions! :)

Will Smith, Ed , and some other Purdue people are coming down as well as quite a few people I’ve meet at the three other ArsTechnica meets I’ve been to. After that we’re going back up to Purdue to spend the night and perhaps spend Sunday goofing around in West Lafayette (I wanna see Spiderman 2!)

Anyways, have fun, be safe! I’m sure I’ll be blogging a lot before then, but this seemed like the right time to mention it ;)