Do you like t-shirts?

Test Tube Tshirts

Hey you! Yeah, you!

You like t-shirts, kid? Snarky t-shirts? Well you’re in luck!

(Warning T-Shirt Might* Contain Sexual Innuendo!)

* - Definately contains

Me and Jacqui have seen some demand for a certain t-shirt she owns so we ponied up some cash, bought some shirts, got a site going and we’re making these cool t-shirts available to the public !

What’s more, if this little venture gets going, we want to make the cool t-shirts you’ve always wanted. That’s why we started this, people wanted this shirt and couldn’t get it. Our goal is to sell 50 shirts in 3 months (I just made that up but it sounds good).

Clint is wearing the My Computer Goes Down Shirt

So if there’s a t-shirt you’ve been crafting in your mind and you think it could sell well, we’ll adapt your idea and hook you up with some cash and a few shirts for your trouble!

So if you like the shirt, hit up the site and buy a shirt for every member of the family! :)