Me and Jacqui are absolutely thrilled that our poll has recieved over 120 votes in its first two days of operation! I never had any idea that I could get that many people to the site for a simple poll :)

Tonight we sold our 11th T-shirt (our first Large size) and I’m pretty thrilled because we’re almost half-way to the point where we break even on the shirts. The sales are coming pretty steady now, and I think that once we sell some more shirts and the final design for the next shirt is voted on/finalized we can begin working on obtaining a new run of shirts to keep up our momentum!

We’re working on somehow introducing the site to Ars either through an Agora thread (possible) or a Lounge thread (probable). We’ve had a really good response from our thread on the SAMart (search for “My Computer Goes Down on Me T-Shirt:) and the three ads we’re running there.

This first poll will be running for a week or so and we’ll pull off the top 3 or 4 vote-getters and make a smaller, quicker poll to determine which shirt will be our next. If a user submitted design wins then we’re going to send them $50 and when the shirts get made we’ll be sending them a shirt or two of their design.

I’ve also been doing research on do-it-yourself Heat Transfers, using a commercial heat transfer press and buying silk screened transfer sheets from our t-shirt contact (or locally I guess). I’ve also looked into do-it-yourself silk screening but it looks pretty complicated and I don’t think it’d fly so well around the apartment.

Jacqui told me tonight that I’d forgotten Will Read “bl337” submission from our poll >_<. man i screwed that one up. tried so hard not to forget anyone but it will definately be included in the next t-shirt ideas poll></.>