Vacation round-up and other miscellany

Well on Saturday around 11pm, me and Jacqui finally arrived back here in Cincinnati to find two very appreciative and hyper cats :) We had a blast in our short trip to San Jose/Santa Cruz. The weather was awesome and we ate plenty of excellent seafood:

I also got to dress up and look spifftastic (unfortunately I only have a pic of me looking half-way dressed up from the rehearsal/dinner party as I don’t take many pictures of myself :D):

Here is Jacqui (second from left) before the wedding with the other bride’s maids looking beautiful as always:

The wedding was great, here is the happy couple:

After the wedding there was dinner (more yumminess) and then dancing and having fun :D After the reception the wedding party consisting of the groomsmen, maids, and their significant others and a bunch of the bride and groom’s friends went to a bar in downtown santa cruz called “99 bottles” and hung out for a little while.

This weekend also marked the first time I’ve ever ridden in a limo.

This upcoming weekend were are handing Sashu off to his new owner and picking up our new kitten, Brutus’ half-brother Ramsey: