Christmas + Other Stuff

Well Christmas is over and its actually close to time for me to go back to school (yay). I don’t know how I spent ~3 months here this summer. It seems like forever when I’m here. Anyways I’ll be going back to a nice schedule of classes at school and work too.


I got some cool gifts. Mostly socks and cash/gift certificates, but I also got a case of EZmac and 100 CD-R’s. I used the money for a playstation one and some games, most prominently Madden 2002 and Final Fantasy IX.

Jacqui got a TiBook! :jealous: and Isabella has had her broken power adapter given to CompUSA and we’ll see how long that takes to get back to me at Purdue.

I can’t wait to get back to school on the 3rd and figure out what’s ailing my computers too :P