Who is Clint?

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Hi there! My name is Clint Ecker and I’m currently splitting my time between Chicago and Denver, Colorado.

I’m a software developer by trade (work history) but I went to school in West Lafayette, Indiana at Purdue University. While there I majored in Computer Engineering with a focus on Electrical Engineering.

I was born in Wichita, Kansas and lived there until I went to university. After Purdue I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for a while, then spent a good decade of my life living in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago was the place where I really blossomed into the engineer I am today. For many of my years in Chicago I worked remotely for Ars Technica which had just been purchased by Conde Nast.

In 2011 I took a job working for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. It was quite a stressful time but I met a lot of really amazing people and worked on a lot of really cool projects.

After re-electing the president I started a company with three friends called Modest. We worked on some online-commerce tools for a couple years and ended up being bought by PayPal in 2015.

The next year I spent working at BrainTree (a Paypal subsidiary) in Chicago and then in 2017 we moved to New York City and I transferred to Venmo (another Paypal subsidiary) as a Senior Engineer. I eventually helped to found the Software Architecture department and did a significant amount of work as a Senior Systems Architect responsible for the entire API and Identity platforms. In late 2019 I resigned and continue to be purposefully and became happily unemployed!

In 2020 we escaped COVID-19 and NYC and spent the next 18 months living in rural Colorado. In 2021 we bought a condo in Chicago and relocated our New York life back to a city we absolutely loved. Now we’re splitting our time re-charging in Colorado and enjoying everything Chicago has to offer. With 2022 around the bend we’re beginning to think about traveling again.


Professional Life

In addition to the above professional positions, I have also worked in the advertising industry as a software developer, as an RF Engineer for a major American cell phone network, an Editor, Journalist, Photographer, Party Planner, Dishwasher, Security Guard, Cashier, and Garden Shop employee.


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