Well I am here to apologize for the lack of qwality updates recently. So heres the updates in my life.

just this past weekend I’ve been working hardcore on an image database application (PHP & mysql of course) for my department here at purdue. Its all coming together and I’m really liking how its ending up. I will probably end up replacing my inferior photo gallery code with it at some point as this new software can handle file uploads and multiple types of graphics.

Also I’ve been doing my normal load of homework and labs alongside a project that is going to be due on April 19th. In normal geeky fashion I threw together a php/mysql site to track my progress and eventually generate the final report for me ;)

Plans for the summer? Working full time for the entomology department of course. They’ve got a lot of projects lined up for me. And whats good is that I can work 8 hours a day, sit on my butt at night and code. the number one reason this summer is going to rule? Its a pretty good chance that Jacqui will be here too ;). All in all it looks like my summer is shaping up good. I go in to be scheduled for fall classes on the 10th so we’ll see how happy my fall will be :P.

OH I almost forgot, No doubt concert on sunday!

oh oh oh WARPED TOUR july 25!!! ROCK ON MAN!!! ;)