Random Shizzy

Ok so I saw No doubt with the faint as openers and I loved the whole thing!!! Suparr0x!

I sooooo almost went to go see Allister on saturday night too!! Now that would’ve been l337, but I lost my motivation to spend 4 hours in the car to do so ;]

Good news is that I will be going to Warp tour damnit. I found out that I can live in my current apartment over the summer for practically the same price as moving to hawkins hall. I already have air conditioning here and I dont have to re-establish my internet connection (which is good cuz those PUCC ooops OVpit people are rat bastards when it comes to re-hooking up my much needed life-juice).

More updates, allister has finished recording their second album and it will be tentatively be released in August. Reel big fish on the other hand should have their third full-length album out on June 11 titled “Cheer up!”.

Well thats about it except that I found out that finch will be playing the drive-thru stage at warp too also, which makes me super happy ;)