Layout + Summer + Skateboards + Hedgehogs == ??

Its official! I’m a neurotic bastard! I tweaked the layout of the site. I stylized the thing and tried to get all the parts of the site to work well with each other. Previously I thought everything looked a little disconnected. I also modularized the header and footer away from the content to make everything simpler for ME. Don’t forget about the comments, they are uuberfunny and silly ;)

Another semester is coming to an end and I have been very happy with my learnin’ in EET. I am so much smarter than I was 9 months ago!!

I will be living in my apartment on hilltop through the summer while I work making websites and databases at the entomology. It should be extra fun because I got jacqui a job there and we can hang out together thru the summer. The only bad thing is that it IS SUPER HOT HERE!!! However, its nothing compared to what my peeps back in Kansas are going through today. I hear its breaking 90 there today. Ick.

What do you guys think of me getting a skateboard and riding it down the hill this summer? Will I die? Will I become a famous skateboarder and be featured in Tony Hawk 9??? Let me know k?

Finally I would like to state my official position on hedgehogs. Ok they’re cute and smart…but there is something that just isnt right about them. They are similar to octopi in that respect :P

I’m horrified!!!

;) Maybe a chinchilla would be better after all. BYE!!!