New Harddrive, Allister, Warped Tour

Looks like I finally ran out of disk space.

You people thought 100GB was big enough? Now I’m livin large with 180GB of space!

Now I can store even more Star Trek episodes! Weeee!

Jacqui had to head home this morning for “emergency” tooth repair because her parents thought she may have cracked her tooth. However that turned out to not be the case and they patched her up a little and when we go to Chicago on the 14th, it looks like she’ll be getting a fun fun root canal :)

Speaking of June 14th, we’ll be going to the Metro once again to see Allister and friends play. What’s so special about this you ask? Well Johnny (one of the original guitar players) is leaving the band to go back to school and this will be his last show :(

Warped tour is coming! There are so many good bands on the bill its mind boggling! I for sure want to see Allister, Finch, and Reel Big Fish play, but there will be so many other good bands! Especially from Drive-Thru records. I am going to be taking pics at the Metro Show on the 14th, so be sure to check up on that monday for some l337 pics.

Other than that I am working, living good, making money, paying for my own food and rent and loving every bit of it :)