Had a Great Weekend!

Sorry I am so late in posting this, but I guess I forgot ;)

I had a great weekend up in chicago. We got stuck in ALOT of traffic going from West Lafayette -> Chicago but we made it to the Metro just in time.

Speaking of the show we had a great time and Johnny’s last appearance in Allister was fantastical! I took a lot of pictures, they are in order of the performers (we didnt stay for the fourth band). 504 Plan was the first band, August Premiere was second, and Allister was last.

I’ve got some Quicktime movies of parts of some Allister songs, and I might link those up soon as well

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out at Jacqui’s house (I wasn’t feeling so hot on saturday), eating good food, going to the Apple store and Mr. Rags, and chillin out. I had a great time and I hope everyone likes the concert photos.