The United States Government Blows

With actions and statements like these, how can we get any worse?

The Senate was so outraged Wednesday that it passed a resolution 99-0 expressing full support for the Pledge of Allegiance and on Thursday voted 99-0 to recodify the “under God” language in the pledge.

Wonderful, thats just great. Lets be reactionary, pandering, and thoughtless instead of actually get shit done

How about this one from California’s Gov. Gray Davis

California Gov. Gray Davis said his state was “going to take decisive action to overturn this decision.” He said the state was in touch throughout the day with the Justice Department and local school boards named in the suit.

“This decision was wrongheaded and it should not be allowed to stand,” Davis
said. “With troops overseas, this is the wrong decision at the worst possible time.”

Can we say ‘gubanatorial elections are coming’? The ‘war’ in afghanistan has jack shit to do with the ruling, and these worthless politicians are pandering to the lowest common denominator and dodging any semblance of logic in an attempt to sway public favor in their direction. WONDERFUL.

Can anyone hook me up with info on how I can become Canadian?