To the dismay of Jacqui

Jacqui is a little irked by the fact that Ebay is purchasing Paypal. To the
tune of $1.5B =-o. I guess I am too, but you can’t be too suprised with the symbiotic nature of the two.

Who knows what this will mean. Will the Internet’s first foray into a truely
digital bank be squashed before it ever had a real chance to mature? Reverted to a mere auction site’s red-headed stepchild? Whatever, as long as I don’t loose my $10 that I have in there!

In other news, I’ve been playing the hell out of the new Gamecube. Will somehow was blessed by the parental dieties and they wouldn’t let him spend his own money on a Gamecube. For most people, that would be the end of the story but Will’s parents continued to purchase the Gamecube AND Pikmin (a gamecube game) for him! Needless to say we’ve been engrossed. Jacqui bought him a wireless controller (which works from about 100ft away, we tested ;D ) and I split the cost of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

I have sore thumbs and I’m a tad disillusioned. Ex:

Me: what did you say to me???
Them: bite me!
Them: uhhh…