Workin, Apple Ads, PHP

Well I have spent the better part of the past day engrossed in writing an XML database sort of thing for the new PUMUG website. I would like to think that I created it with some foresight in mind; but as we all know it doesn’t seem quite that way when everything is said and done ;)

Basically its a News Content Management system that I’ve adapted to operate on XML files rather than from a database (since we dont have a mysqlDB available to us). XML might be the technology of the future but it sure is a bitch to write code for ;). Maybe now that I’ve got the hang of it it will get easier.

I’ve got the entire display system working, so now all thats left is to write the code that will produce and place the new news items :). Then maybe a few admin tools and I think I’m done with the updates. All I think I’ll have to do is clone the software or add-on to it to accomodate the Meeting Minutes/Happenings.

Then we meet the beast ;)

  1. Gallery: I’ve got apps for this, but one is woefully inadequate and the other is mysql based, so it looks like I might be building a new, improved XML photo gallery beast ;)
  2. Schedule: again I have an app I wrote for scheduling but again its pretty inadequate for the task at hand. I’ll probably end up stealing someone else’s calendar class/code and modify it to my needs :)

Well I’ve been enjoying it at least ;) Everyone should remember to have fun this weekend! P.S. Was it just me or was I the only person who noticed the inordinate amount of Apple ads during the TV showing of Star Trek: First Contact? :)