I gave a Windows presentation and an Apple club meeting

Well last night we had our second PUMUG meeting of the year and I think it went pretty well. It drug in a few of the recaps of the new stuff apple introduced: iCal, iSync, iWhatever ;). But overall it was good.

Jacqui talked about the new iPods, (one of which I might just get soon ;)) and I did a short presentation on Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop Client. The reason this is pretty cool is because I can now control my PC from work while I’m on my Mac! Or from any mac for that matter. Well everyone seemed to like it alight, and I got a few questions, but overall I don’t think many people were as enthusiastic as me. Mike Thole, of Neo fame (look it up on Versiontracker) gave a presentation of his Kazaa shadow client called Neo. Which was kinda cool because you can access people’s Kazaa shares and download their stuff :D.

So that all went well and I am very much looking forward to the weekend where hopefully I will wash my freakin CLOTHES. I am such a slacker when it comes to washing my clothes. It only seems to set in when I’m in situations like the dorms where I have to walk 300’ to get to the washing machines, then feed then $3-5 then walk back upstairs, then walk back to put my clothes into the dryer..et etera.

URGH. Anyways, I can’t wait until we move into the apartment where the washer and dryer will be right there outside my door ;)

My last big event of the summer is coming on Thursday, more commonly known as Warped Tour. I am really pumped because Warped Tour this year includes a whole stage devoted to Drive-Thru records artists. This is good because I will finally be able to see Finch, Starting Line, Allister, and more in person! So that will be great fun.

After that its just 5 more days of work then I have to pack up all my stuff and move it into storage. Thats going to be sooooo fun. On Aug 2 I will be flying back to Kansas for a brief stay of 14 days. Then its back to the school grind! woo!