Gang Wars

I have been spending the better part of the last 24 hours playing a very addicting online game called Gang-Wars. You can check it out at Gang-Wars.com. I even sent $10 by paypal so I could get extra turns and participate in a more fast-paced version called l33t-wars.

On one hand its something to keep me occupied but I am also worried I am becoming too obsessed with it ;)

On a different note I woke up to Jacqui this morning, I am always happy to find her laying beside me in the morning :D. I prepared her Honeydew Melon last night (all I did was cut it up) and she was very happy about it :) which also made me happy!

I also made her omelets this morning and she really liked that as well. We’re going to go out to a movie and dinner tonight (outback steakhouse) !!! :) So all in all I predict that this weekend is going to be wonderful.