On the Move!

Well I think its official. Mark August 1st, 2002 as the worst day in my life. I spent 6 or so hours moving large boxes out of a hot balmy apartment down 2 flights of stairs into a small car, then transporting them to a storage facility, taking them up a flight of stairs and storing them.


Oh well, I covered in a layer of sweat and my clothes were sooooo nasty. I could wipe the grime off my face and my shirt felt oily to the touch. Horrible I tell you ;)

Well in any case we managed to totally clean out the apartment and make it immaculate and clean. They even let us move out! Then we took off to Chicago where I am now.

Will, Jacqui, her cousin Alice, and I played Eucre (a popular midwestern game). I played it for the first time and found it rather similar to Pinoccle(sp?), but it was fun. I also set up a wireless router for her, we will be using this router when we go to skizool! :D Its actually really nice and the web-interface is sweet.

I should be leaving Jacqui’s home around 1pm and my flight leaves O’hare around 3pm and I should arrive back in Wichita, KS at 5pm. Then I’m gonna go home and lay down and fall asleep probably _. Well in any case I’m exciting about what’s coming. I think this next year is going to be great! See everyone soon.