Choked, Broked, and Scholarshipped @_@

Well how can I best sum up my break from work and school so far? Pretty good actually ;)

Lets go in chronological order. The first task on my list of ‘things to do’ when I got back into Wichita was to try an lodge a piece of food in my throat. Well I made short work of that. Within an hour of getting home I had successfully managed to lodge a large piece of steak in my esophogus. So well, in fact that I couldn’t swallow anything!

Well we fixed the situation by going to the emergency room and having the nice folks there gently remove the steak by shoving a tube down my throat several times.

What did I do next? Well next on my list was to break something, I managed to accomplish that goal on sunday when David let me try to fly his RC aircraft.

Now at this point you might be thinking to yourself that my break is going bad, but no its alright ;). On monday I went to my dad’s and I got to see the movie “Signs”, which was good. I also got to see the new theater here in Wichita, which looks exactly like the other theater named Warren on the other side of town. Maybe those warren fellows though they were tricking everyone over here but IIIIII got em! :P

Anyways, so far everything else has been normal. Oh yeah I also found out that I recieved almost $5,000 in scholarships and grants this year. WTF!! When did these things start popping up. Its not like my GPA suddenly jumped above a 3.0 or something. Oh well. ;) I also managed to get 256MB of RAM for my iBook, bringing my total to a whopping 320MB. All is well, I’m still alive and I can not wait to get back to school and in the swing of things. Its going to be a great school year, I can feel it :D