Well, I'm at School

Well I made it back to school all safe and sound but it seems that for at least the first weekend by streak of bad luck followed me to school.

It took me almost 8 hours to fly from Wichita, KS to Chicago, IL when it should have taken 1.5 hours total =-o. The problem was caused by a storm system between kansas and illinois. This caused problems in O’hare which caused us to have to circle the airport. You might think that the problems ended there? Nope! A problem began in the right engine and forced us to divert to Peoria, IL to land!!!

Well we landed in Peoria but there was no possibility of a plane flying us to O’hare, so we had to take a bus. All in all it was annoying and drawnout ;)

We got to school on the 17th and checkin went very well. The apartment is really nice and I plan on taking some more pictures of the place to share with everyone on the interweb! We’re completly moved in, we bought a lot of stuff the apartment needed and bought food to eat as well! :) I’ve also gone book shopping and I’m almost set for the semester.

Oh, I forgot about the car issue. We had gone to Walmart on saturday in Jacqui’s passat. There was no sign of any problems with the car. Not driving to and from the airport, from chicago to purdue, or anywhere else we drove in West Lafayette. However when we came back to the car from shopping at walmart the car would not start!

We tried jumping it, making certain the gear selector was in the right position, everything. To make a long story short Jacqui had to sign up for AAA and they sent out a flatbeck tower to take Jacqui’s car to a local Volkswagon dealership to get it fixed. They called her back Monday. $441!! And they had to order the part from New York, so it’d be wednesday at least. Well at least they’re able to fix it and she’ll have her car back. Look for more exciting updates here at my website! :)