School Update

Well I’ve been doing a lot of work lately. Mostly homework for 207/209 and lab writeups, but I’ve also been trying to hold back the floodgates at work as well.

Quite a bit of time, however, has been spent on the Purdue University Macintosh User’s Group website: http://mac.purdue.org . I put a lot of work into that this past week, also making cool flyers for the callout we’re having on the 12th of Sept.

I’m also really excited about this semester because I’m doing a lot of cool stuff. In 207 right now we’re just learning about dealing with AC waveforms as phasors, in CPT267 we’re doing simple C programming right now, in 330 I’m learning about slightly advances topics in system administration. And in my favorite class EET 209, we’re doing embedded C programming for a development board called a “MegaDEV”.

I’ve got a program on it now that interacted with the user via the serial port and blinks some lights, wow! :D Hope everyone else is having a great time. Cya!