Feels Like 33F - Raining

What a fabulous day! :) This is the first time this year I’ve pulled out the heavy duty rain-proof coat. It would be OK if it wasn’t raining as well.

The day of my first lab concerning the EET 209 project looms closer. Its a two week lab so I don’t forsee any big problems. I’m almost 98% sure that I want to change the design a bit, but I’m afraid that changing that aspect of it will cause me more problems.

As it stands the method I’m using now works, but its ugly. I’d like to use a more elegant solution, but its something I’ve never done before so I’m going to try and test some things out today after work to see if I can get a handle on it.

In other news I dedicated some time after lab the other day and totally completed the lab writeup. That is VERY awesome because that means I won’t have to mess with it later on this week and everyone knows I don’t have enough time (HAR).