Well the semester is beginning to round up ;) Just finished the last large project in CPT330, Novell Netware. It was quite a bitch but we got it finished as best as possible and the writeup came out o be 70 pages in contrast to the Windows 2k / Active Directory one which was 90 pages.

I’m also working on rewriting a lot of the original components of my site that are left (Guestbook, Image Gallery) using classes and stuff so that might take a while ;) I’m almost done with the guestbook but I’m pressed for time so who knows when everything will get done.

The new pumug redesign using MoveableType is just about finished. I found a way that we can integrate a php-based iCal parser into the layout today so that made me really happy. I also got the Purdue Academic calendar done so we can display that prominently as well.

Other eh? I have secured a new job at CERIAS working for a cool guy. It’ll mostly be PHP XHTML stuff so that makes me happy. The only difficulty I’ll have is telling Tammy about it. I guess its always this way when you’re leaving a job you’ve been at for a while, but I think she’ll understand that its for the best. Anyways, I’ve been doin great in classes. Barring a few more writeups the semester is essentially over. One or two lab practicals, a test, then Thanksgiving break (where I’ll go home for a few days and celebrate David’s engagement and eat turkey ;)) then I come right back to Dead Week and then Finals =-o

Time is flyin! Hope everyone else is having a great time too.