Creeping Slowly

Scratch one test off my list. The EET 207 exam is complete. Despite that I got hung up on the stupid slew rate of a sine wave problem once again (which I screwed up on the 1st test but strangely not the second test) everything was great. I expect an A.

That leaves an EET 209 lab practical (easy) tomorrow and a EET 207 lab practical monday (meh). Did I mention that I got the highest test grade on the last EET 209 test? 98%! The professor tripped me up by using a decrement operator instead of an increment operator in a for loop! >:O

Just got done with my first look at all of CERIAS’ facilities. In a word? “10 hojilliontimesbetterthananyofmyotherjobs.” The office areas were hard wood floored, there was a terminal room with decent modern computers. A library with tons of cool books, a very cool conference room, etc.

The place is run like a real operation, and thats probably because it is a real company endevour. I am really excited about working there and I can’t wait to start! I told Tammy (my current boss) today that I’ll be quitting around thankgiving so I’ll be helping her get everything in order back at ENTM and just before thanksgiving I’ll be getting everything in order to start at CERIAS. I’ll actually start in earnest after the thanksgiving day break.

This is going to be the best job I’ve ever had and I’m so excited about it. I don’t think I could be any more excited unless it was a job in computer engineering or electrical engineering.

Anyways, Nov 26 is coming up so I’ll be back in Wichita until the 31st so I can go to Davey’s engagement thing and eat turkey with people.

If anyone wants to get me anything for Xmas you should consult this list:

  • Variable Temperature Soldering Station](http://www.jensentools.com/product/group.asp?parent_id=52025)
  • Fluke Digital Multimeter](http://www.jensentools.com/product/group.asp?parent_id=68870)
  • Sony Laptop ;D ](http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/SY_DisplayProductInformation-Start;sid=3u5OAiRK_olOORmbh1hECWtFW-tWm6gWtuA=?CatalogCategoryID=Lm4rgA1D4QUAAADwIt1H0FSi&ProductID=QnsKC0%2eNr7kAAADxstDS7XZM&Dept=cpu)