Well now I’ve only got a single exam left. I flew through the EET 209 and 207 Practicals with relative ease. Now all that is left for me is the CPT 330 exam. This should be pretty easy as well, I’ve always seemed to do well on these.

In addition we should be finding out what we got on the CPT 330 Novell Lab Writeup. I put a lot of time and effort into this one so I think we’re almost certain to get an A.

Beyond that I am leaving for thanksgiving break on Tuesday evening. We’re driving up to Chicago for the night then on Wednesday morning I’m flying out to kansas where I’ll spend like 4 days ;) I’ll get to attend David’s engagement party thing at some l337 restaurant, so that’ll be fun.

After that I’ll come back here and there is the possibility of me going to see Allister on Monday night _, we’ll see how that pans out. Oi. Lots of stuff. I am also signing up to redo one of my practicals that I pooped out on and got a 75. Oh well, once I do that I should have a resounding A in all but 1 class. That class (330) teeters on my tuesday test and the stupid Novell writeup. OoOoO.

P.S. I want metroid prime for the GC and Madden 2003 for the XBOX, PRONTO.