Finals and the Like

Finals are coming next week. Luckily for me they are quite spaced out ;) I do not have any finals on monday, however they will occur on every other day after that (Tues, Thurs, Sat). I think I have two finals on tuesday and then one on thursday and one on Saturday (til 5:30!!).

I then have a flight right back to Wichita on sunday…at 8am again :blech: Speaking of wichita I had a great time there. Spent time setting up XP on my grandma and dad’s computers and I think that’ll really help all of us with problems and such. I also had a good holiday dinner with my grandma, grandpa, and my Aunt.

I spent a few days at my dad’s too, we watched some movies and I really like their new basement. We ate at olive garden and I got chilli too ;) On saturday I got to dress up in a tie and see David and Kim at their Engagement Party. The place was REAL NICE and the good was super yummy. I also got to meet a lof of Kim’s reletives and David’s ASL teacher (right?) from WSU. We also watched Men in Black II.

I started work for reals at CERIAS today. I got my computer oriented and set up the way I liked it. I also got my first real task. I am going to be working on rewriting a yahoo-styled heirarchical groups of security related links found here: http://www.cerias.purdue.edu/

I think it’ll be a good chance for me to prove to myself that I can do the job. I know I have the skills, I just always need something to show myself that I’m as good as I think I am :D

I also got a new pencil today and some clearance lead ;) I now have enough 0.5 H and 2H lead to last me for the rest of my college career! I really love the Alvin Draft/Matic line of mechanical lead holders, plus H-2H lead makes me get all hot and bothered :P~ Although my pencil is much more conservitive and black. I really wanted to get a yellow one but they’re apparently color coded (yellow is 0.3mm).

Heres to hoping that everyone is having a good time with school and the holidays :)