Resting and Relaxing

This week has gone by so quick! I’ve basically just been hanging out at my grandma’s house and the past two days I worked a little with David building walls on a job he’s doing. Its been a lot of fun but its killing me so I dunno if I’ll be going out anymore during the break ;)

Next week is going to be busy anyways. I’ve got to do stuff on the 24th at my Dads and the 25th at my Grandmas. My dad also wants me to go with him and my step-mom to have christmas with my step-mom’s family in Lawrence, KS. Two days after that I’ll be back in Indiana :E

I sent off most of Jacqui’s presents yesterday. I won’t say what the secret present was here but I also sent some fudge and cookies. She’s got some presents for me and I can’t wait to find out what they are :D:D:D.

So now I hobble off to lay around for the rest of the night so as to recuperate from my day of toil ;)