Christmas Eve

I went over to my Dads tonight to have “christmas” with my Dad’s side of the family and a small portion of my Step-mom’s family. By christmas I mean eating dinner and watching movies and opening a few presents. I got $100 in gift certificates for the Mall from my dad, $20 from my step-mom’s sister, a J4w3z0me sweater from my grandma and some of those super stain resistant dress pants from my grandma as well.

I went over there around 1pm today and helped my dad get stuff together like snacks and stuff. Overall I had a bunch of fun, fixed up my dad’s computer and installed Word and stuff on there for him.

Tomorrow we are going over to my Aunt’s house for a little more eating and package opening. I’ll be getting more presents from my Grandma and my Aunt mostly. So that’ll be fun too. On Saturday I’ll be going up to Lawrence KS to visit my Step-Mom’s family and do christmas up there too. It’ll be a bit boring but I’ll go anyways ;)

Oh I also got a DMM and Soldering Station from my grandma as well ;)