Christmas Day

I went over to my Aunt’s today for Christmas Day festivities. We got over there and started cooking. While that was going I played on the computer a little and watched as people arrived. We spent a lot of time looking through the scrap books my Aunt makes and thinking back on old times.

About an hour before we ate, we started opening presents. I got a pair of jeans, some socks, a Walmart gift card (I can go shopping!), $25 dollars, fifty CD-Rs, and a book containing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (all three tales).

After presents we ate dinner and it was sooooo good. I ate so much but I was full and happy :D. After that I had a bit of desert and then we played Blitz. I won (again) but I gave my winnings to Ashlie’s boyfriend ;)

After that everyone hung around for a bit and people started to leave soon after. Well thats that. Tomorrow I’ll probably decide what I want to buy with all my money ( I should probably save some to pay my rent _). Anyways I was thinking of a portable hard-drive of some sort (Firewire would be cool eh?). Anyways I’m gonna hibernate for a few days before I have to do anything :P