Made it back fine!

Sorry about the lack of posting in the past few days but I have been maxin’ and relaxin’ on my last full week of Winter Vacation. Once we got back to West Lafayette we promptly went shopping and I used up a bit of my Walmart gift certificates buying food and stuff for this week. I also used them to buy a $30 video game, NFL Fever 2003, for the Xbox. So I have been playing (and being whomped) by that over the past few days.

We had a fun new years eve too. Me, Jacqui, Will Smith, and Drew just all hung out, watched TV, and we all celebrated new years twice. Once on the TV with everyone else, and once with all the Animals in Animal Crossing ;).

Tomorrow I start work again so I’ll be down at CERIAS for most of the day. I have also put my Spring schedule into iCal and uploaded it to the server along with an installation of phpical so everyone can view it all nice.

Heres to a good new year and a happy spring semester :D