First Day Back to Classes: Reflections

Well the day is finally over and I’m about to go to sleep and over all I would say that I am pretty excited about this semester. I am finally getting into the cool applications of all of the things I’m learning.

I’ve done my first homework and soon I will be preparing for my first exam which is on the 22nd (you can now see all my tasks like homework, tests, etc on the schedule). So yeah, this semester will be awesome.

Commenting on my 430 lab. We actually did stuff today, too bad I didn’t bring my books or anything :P. The majority of the lab was getting aquianted with everyone and finding out what we’ll be doing for this first section.

Today we got our Cisco 2611 Router and two PCs. We connected the router to some phat switch and Doug started configuring the router to use an IP on one of its interfaces. We then had to run two ethernet cables from our PCs to a Catalyst 2948G switch. Then we configured the two ethernet interfaces of the router to be on two different subnets. Next week I guess we’ll put them on two different VLANS and then muck around with them til they can ping each other ;)

After that class was over I then went over to get some work done at CERIAS. Couldn’t get much done in the ~1.5hrs I was there but I was able to get my tasks organized and read this 30pg document that came out today from The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). It was pretty informative. Ed made it required reading, and I can see why too. We work in a department that deals solely in security. If we were to create insecure apps, I’d probably be in big big big trouble :)

Anyways, that was the extent of my day. I enjoyed it. I’ll try to detail how the rest of my classes go through the week, however, I don’t know how much longer I can drone on about how cool my days were ;)