First day of School

Well I finished my first class. A 7:30am class. I was all prepared to get up early and have plenty of time to relax before I had to leave. However, even though I diligently set my alarms to the proper times, I forgot to actually turn the alarms on :eek:.

So I awaken to the sound of my roommate pounding on my door saying,

“CLINT GET UP ITS 7:00!!!”


So I was actually able to get dressed, brush my teeth, shave, etc in about 10 minutes and be out the door ;) No worries. Luckily I plan for this sort of thing by picking clothes the night before and packing my backpack in advance.

So about the first class. Well it seems like its going to be an easy class. Its EET 276 and the professor is Prof. Borns who I also had as a professor in one of my very first classes (EET 109). He is notoriously lax, maybe its just the two classes I’ve taken from him, so that usually makes a lot of students happy but it can lead to a lack of motivation towards his classes.

We will be only having 1 exam (the final) and the lecture only meets once a week. We will have homework up until spring break, and then no more ;) No pre-lab, no lab write up. Everything is pretty much done within the context and boundaries of class-time. My prediction? A ;) If I don’t get an A in this class you can shoot me ;)

I’ve got two back to back classes coming up at 9:30 until 11:30, one in Physics and the next in KNOY. I’ll be sure to update here about those classes as well.

P.S. Mondays are also pretty cool in that I have a 7:30 class in Physics, then a one hour break, then a 9:30 class in Physics as well. This is pretty nice, to me, since I can hang out in the Physics Commons on my ibook and collect my thoughts, do homework, surf the web, post to this blog :P And that 10:30 class is in KNOY so its just a 30 second walk from Physics!