On Thursdays and PUMUG Meetings

I am actually pretty pleased that my thursdays are pretty light. It will help a lot with stuff that is usually due on Fridays (like 430 writeups) and I can prepare for PUMUG meetings (they always happen on thursdays).

I only really have one class on thursdays (CPT 430) and then I would usually work from 10:30am until 5pm. Thats great for gettin da $BLING$ but I can also use that time to work on writeups and prepare presentations and stuff if I need to.

Anyways, so I worked for quite a while yesterday and almost got the K-12 area under wraps. However, the way they wanna do a certain area of the site poses a bit of a departure from the other similar areas so its going to take a bit of hackery for me to get it going.

The PUMUG meeting went well I believe. The Apple Store Employees backed out due to some bad road conditions, so Matt gave the MacWorld overview himself. I gave a presentation on Keynote, but Jacqui’s computer wouldn’t do my presentation so I had to use some cheesy Apple made Keynote presentation. I think that went well and I answered some questions about Keynote, a lot of people were interested.

Everyone had pizza and pop and after all of that we showed some clips from the MWSF keynote on the projector if anyone cared. About 8 people stayed behind and chatted amongst themselve. Overall I think the meeting went off well.

Cheers and have a great weekend :D